Saint Rose Winery — Frederic Nunes
St. Rose Winery, Nunes Vineyard, Fred Nunes checking fruit on the first night of harvest.

Rocks from the creek in Regal Block

Home block Nunes Vineyard Pinot Noir

Fred Nunes punching down at St. Rose Winery

Fred Nunes checking temperature in fermenter

New French oak

Our Journey to wine

We didn't even consider making wine until we knew how to grow grapes. Starting with our first vintage in 2002, our carefully raised Pinot Noir went to several good homes (a.k.a. wineries), and into some wonderful wines, many of them award winners.

After a few years, we couldn't help wanting to make wine ourselves, to complete the process, to better understand the transition of our grapes to wonderful Pinot Noir. We helped, watched and learned until our hands were purple. Then we licensed the barn as a winery, one of the smallest in the state by volume. We named it St. Rose for the place—Santa Rosa, and starting in 2004, we reserved a few Nunes Vineyard grapes for our own production.

St. Rose Pinot Noir expresses our unique spot on the earth—this soil, weather, culture, tradition, and... well, us. It is what it is, and it stands on its own.

Grapes are selected for balance and complexity from our favorite blocks. We cellar the wine in 50% new French oak, and then blend a few of our best barrels together to bottle. We make two wines: our Ten Block Blend from the whole vineyard, and a single clone 777 that has something special we don't want to blend away.

And now, with the addition of a couple copper stills in 2014, we also make a little brandy.

Full Circle

It seems we've come full circle. Fred's grandfather Muzio was responsible for turning the Fulton Winery into a chicken processing plant. As a vegetarian, Fred thinks it is fitting that Muzio's pig barn is now St. Rose Winery.

Frederic Nunes & Wendy Fowler Nunes

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